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Result 2012  

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Ideal Result 22nd December 2012
Total Students participated today : 271
College Name Stream First Name Last Name Location Rank
Abhinav College Science NITIN KUMAR Bhayandar 1
Abhinav College Science MUKESH GUPTA Bhayandar 2
Abhinav College Science ROHIT TIWARI Bhayandar 3
Abhinav College Commerce MALLIKARJUNA KAMAVARAM Bhayandar 1
Abhinav College Commerce NEELU SINGH Bhayandar 2
Abhinav College Commerce YOGESH TRIVEDI Bhayandar 3
Siddharth College Science SAYALI MOHITE Churchgate 1
Siddharth College Science SUSHANT KUNDAL Churchgate 2
Siddharth College Science ASHUTOSH GHATKAR Churchgate 3
Siddharth College Commerce AKSHAY A PARMAR Churchgate 1
Siddharth College Commerce PRATHAMESH THAVI Churchgate 2
Siddharth College Commerce DIVYPRAKASH MISHRA Churchgate 3
Vivek College Science ALIYA SELIA Goregoan 1
Vivek College Science AKASH MAURYA Goregoan 2
Vivek College Science STEVEN STANLY Goregoan 3
Vivek College Commerce VARUN ACHARYA Goregoan 1
Vivek College Commerce KUMAWAT SUMAN Goregoan 2
Vivek College Commerce RUCHITA POOJARY Goregoan 3
Thakur College Commerce PRIYANK JAIN Kandivali 1
Thakur College Commerce SAHIL MULLA Kandivali 2
Thakur College Commerce ARUN VISHWAKARMA Kandivali 3
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