• Evolved Learning for BAF, BMS, BBI, BFM
    With an aim to create more professionalism in the field of commerce by preparing students with specific skills set, the University of Mumbai introduced the BAF,BMS and BBI specialized courses. The aim was to empower students to exploit the newly created opportunities in the Management field. Rightly so, these qualifications have thrown open a plethora of opportunities for the students.
    IDEAL Education introduces Evolved Learning for BAF, BMS and BBI courses. A well-researched course ware, fine-tuned techniques and specialized faculty are the core of these coaching programs, which aims to shape students into professionals ready to step into their respective fields with confidence.

  • BAF(Bachelor in Accounting and Finance)
    The main objective of this course is to provide trained professionals in the field of accounting and finance.Students of BAF develop specialized skill sets in accounting and finance and hence have an edge when they step out in the industry. BAF opens the doors for higher professional streams as well. With the BAF qualification and accounting and finance skills, students have the option to pursue career streams like CA, CFA as well as MBA.

  • BMS(Bachelor of Management Studies)
    BMS was introduced by Mumbai University in 1999-2000. The main objective of this course is to prepare students for middle-management position in the field of Marketing, Finance,Personnel and Computers. BMS students are highly regarded as management professionals and are easily absorbed as management trainees in reputed companies. A few others with an entrepreneurial streak start their own ventures.

  • BBI(Bachelors in Banking and Insurance)
    BBI is a course which lends professionalism to the B.Com degree. BBI is a full-time course which comprises of 6 semesters i.e. 3 years. The program includes 38 subjects and 2 projects of 100 marks each in the third year. The projects are related to the Banking and Insurance industry, which are to be submitted in Semester V and Semester VI respectively. With the BBI qualifications, students can take up promising banking jobs or they can do a PG course in Banking and Insurance and climb higher up the ladder.

  • BFM (Bachelor in Financial Markets)
    The course is designed to cater to a niche requirement of professionals in financial markets who can analyze debt, equity, capital and commodities markets with a focus on stock trading, equity research and financial analysis. A BFM qualification enables a student to get a respectable and well paid job in this particular field. Work hours are flexible too as the amount of work to be done depends upon the job profile. A BAF professional can also opt for consultancy services in the fields related to finance and accounts. Additionally, he/she can also appear in NCFM Certified exams while doing the course. This is an additional course by NSE (National Stock Exchange) which carries an additional advantage from job perspective.