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Jallosh 2004-2007  

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Glimpses of Ideal Foundation’s different competition from year 2004 to 2007




Price Distribution by

Year 2004

Marathi Sugam Sangeet


Shri Shrinivas Khale

Elocution Competition

Year - 2005

Marathi Sugam Sangeet

Mrs. Sulochana Devalkar
Shri Subhash Vange
Pt. Sheshank Katti
Mrs. Pranouti Mhatre

Lyricist and Musician
Shri Yashwant Dev

Tabla playing

Pt. Bapu Patwardhan &
Pt. Prabhu Tendulkar


Shri Anant Ghogle &
Shri Sanjay Dahale

Elocution Competition

Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kubal &
Shri Sambhaji Sawant

Year -2006

Marathi Sugam Sangeet


Senior stage Actor
Shri Prabhakar Panshikar

Tabla playing


Elocution Competition

Year – 2007

Marathi Sugam Sangeet

Shri Shubhash Vange &
Mrs. Sulochana Devalkar

Lyricist and Musician
Shri Sudhir Moghe

Tabla playing

Pt. Anant Lele and
Shri Shantanu Kinjavadekar


Shri Vishwanath kamath &
Mrs. Rajni Velankar

Elocution Competition

Shri Shambhaji Sawant &
Mrs. Dhanshri Karmarkar

Record Dance Competition

Shri Swardha Sathe &
Shri Arvind Mukhedkar
Shri Prasad Mistry
Mrs. Anuya Parvate

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