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Interview with Isha

Score-139 percentile-99.95%ile

Q1. what sought of guidance did you got from Ideal Catalyst?

Ans: I really thank Vivek sir and the whole team of Catalyst to help me in cracking CAT and CET . The kind of short cut techniques taught by Vivek sir was just out of this world. Even the whole GDPI sessions had been fabulous. Thank you sir.

His personal guidance and so many other things did help me a lot and increased my confidence to clear this exam. His team and he himself has always been available whenever needed.

Q2. How much did catalyst helped you in getting the result.

Ans: Yes, It goes without saying that the entire team of catalyst played a very crucial result in getting the result. Without it I wouldn’t have been achieved it. The short cut techniques and GDPI are actually my success factors. Short cuts used at catalyst are at par, unbelievable and incomparable.

Q3. Did Vivek sir’s personal guidance give you an extra edge? How?

Ans: Obviously yes, Vivek sir proved as a mentor for me since the very beginning of joining catalyst, preparing for exams till GDPI preparations and selection of a college. As far as I know it is very difficult for the student to decide which college to go for, which course to go for and what to do , but all these questions became easy and decidable which one to go for and why.

Sir thanks a lot for your endless support and your precious time given to student at every moment as and when required.

Interview with Neha

Score-138 percentile-99.94%ile

Q1. what sought of guidance did you got from Ideal Catalyst?

Ans: Its an amazing feeling to get such high percentile and I really thank Vivek sir and Ideal Catalyst to have guided me. His approach towards every student and individual analysis of student’s strength and weaknesses has definitely helped me.

The books he had suggested to read were really fantastic.GDPI preparations was just unbelievable. It looks as if you are giving a real Interview. The kind of GDPI faculties Vivek sir gets is sheer amazing.

Thanks for personally guiding me sir and of course your short cut techniques are incomparable.

Q2. What is the best thing you liked about catalyst?

Ans: Hmmm, Shall I start describing, well

  • Personalized guidance
  • Availability at every time as and when required.
  • Short cut techniques used by Vivek sir is at par and proved as stepping stone in getting such a wonderful result.
  • GDPI sessions made us realized the importance of speaking, reading and listening. All these sessions were outstanding and each session was beyond imagination

Thanks Ideal

Interview with Poorva


Q1. What sought of guidance did you got from Ideal Catalyst?

Ans: It was completely a personal guidance rater I would say one-to-one guidance in every aspect be it clearing written exam or GDPI preparations or selection of college or filling up of forms. Ideals individual attention and focused coaching has proved as a stepping stone in getting me SIBM.The short cut techniques are at par. Thank you sir for your personal attention.

Q2. Did GDPI sessions conducted a catalyst boost your confidence?

Ans: GDPI sessions at catalyst actually gave us the real picture about GDs and PIs , like how it should be attempted, what all important points to be kept in mind, topics which could be there in GD actually made us feel and forced us to read newspapers and listen to news which actually students take it for granted.

PI round gave us a real picture and made us realized how one should prepare for interviews.

Thank you sir , thanks catalyst.