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Since the year 2000, Ideal Education has consistently tutored/trained students of Std. VII, IX and X, creating achievers and laying a foundation of excellence. We have repeatedly featured in the top three chosen private education institutes among school students. IDEAL’s school section caters to student needs across subjects covering Science, Mathematics, all Languages and the Social Sciences. The classroom coaching aims not just at the completion of the course but also comprehensive revision especially for Std. X students.

Subjects offered for Std VIII, IX, X

  • English
  • Marathi
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • French
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Science
  • History/Civics
  • Geography/Economics
  • EVS

Commencement of Batches

  • Std VIII – 5th June, 2012
  • Std IX – 15th May, 2012
  • Std X – 10th April, 2012

Completion of Portion

  • Std. VIII & IX – The syllabus will be completed for school exams as per the requirement of the respective school. Beyond this revision lectures will be held until the Final Exams in school.
  • Std X – 60% of the syllabus will be completed by June 2012, and the remaining 40% will be completed by October 2012. From November to February revision lectures will be held.

Evolved Learning for VIII, IX, X (SSC)

Researched Study Material
The study material is meticulously prepared by a dedicated team of subject experts. The notes provided are designed with previous exam papers in mind.

Expert Faculty
The faculty at IDEAL includes professionals with experience in the industry as well as professors who are subject matter experts. In this competitive age, IDEAL’s expert faculty gives our students the edge to become achievers.

Advanced Teaching Technology: IDEAL Education has tied up with PEARSON and NETVIDYA, to bring you the most advanced teaching technology in India. Learning by doing is the modern mantra for education. Evolved Learning comprises of animated concepts and diagrams to simplify difficult topics, and interactive and engaging game-exercises to reinforce the concepts. IDEAL is the first to bring this futuristic technology that makes learning fun and stimulating.

Music to simplify studies
Theorems and definitions are often difficult for a student to remember. It is easier for a student to memorise a theorem or definition if he recites it like a song.

Student-friendly Professors
Approachable and friendly professors, who are always available to solve any doubts the student might have.

Doubt-solving through SMS
Students can easily clear their doubts through SMS anywhere, anytime.

Online revision and tests
With a special student login, one can easily revise and practice over the Internet, at his own convenient place and time.

Earlier completion of syllabus for more revision time
The syllabus is so schedule as to allow enough time for the students to revise and prepare thoroughly for the exams.

Science Practical: To solve students’ apprehensions regarding Science Practicals, we conduct practical sessions prior to the final Board Exams.

24 X 7 teacher connectivity
Students often face difficulties and doubts while studying at home and considering this fact IDEAL provides 24 X 7connectivity through online and sms.

Test Series: For Std. X students, regular tests and mock exams can be vital to their performance. With this view, students are given a fixed test schedule well in advance. The questions and marking schemes are as per the Board pattern. Printed model answer papers are given to the students in addition to feedback. Three Preliminary Exams that simulate every aspect of the board exam are conducted and feedback on the students’ performance is intimated to the parents.

For other students, weekly tests are conducted to test their learning and additionally, students are made to solve past exam papers of their respective schools.

Seminars and workshops
Students often need some important tips before examination and such tips play a role of ‘guru mantra’. IDEAL conducts seminars and workshops by experts who not only guide students but also give them tip which adds to their scores.

The new thrust on objective-type question pattern in examinations requires the students to have thorough subject knowledge of each topic. This requires a lot of reading. Students can find important and essential books on every subject in our library, which they can use for their reference.

Focus on Revision
Revision is the key to top performance in any examination. And considering its importance we make sure that the entire portion is completed on time. The lectures after the completion of the portion focus on revision and solving the student's difficulties and this is done not only in classrooms but online too. After the completion of portion students can give online tests to gauge their preparedness.

Batch for slow learners (BSL Batch): This batch is a special batch conducted for those students who might need more time to master concepts and thus special attention. Additional lectures are held to help students to strengthen their fundamentals.

Special Batch for Toppers (SBT Batch): Additional classes are held for toppers from the different schools giving them special tips and further inputs that help them to boost their scores.

Parent Teacher Meeting: Monthly meetings are held to discuss the progress of the child and improvement measures are suggested.

Student Counselling: Recognising that this can be a stressful time for students, our experienced counsellor is always available to provide support helping them overcome difficulties they face in academics.

Vxplain: This feature enables students to avail the benefit of outreaching from the comfort of their homes. So they can log on to the website and receive coaching for the required subjects. It also allows students to interacts with teachers and solve doubts immediately.
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